Facebook Ads: Master Class (Paint & Sip)

Facebook: Ads – Master Class (Paint & Sip)

Audiences, Ad settings | taught by Danielle Glick

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A lot of businesses say they’ve tried Facebook Ads, but it didn’t work for them. This is like saying you bought stocks on the market, but you didn’t make any money. Meanwhile, millions of people are getting rich off the stock market and Facebook Ads every day. 

How is that possible? It’s the difference between dabbling on your own versus using proven strategies. If you want to make money in either place, you just need to learn which options to pick from someone who already knows.

We'll help you turn your Facebook Page into an efficient ad machine, but best find someone else to help you with the stocks.

Interested in this course? Email us at Support@WiseTrainingOwl.com

Danielle Glick
Danielle Glick
Our Founder & Chief Trainer

Eight years of testing social media marketing, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business selling experiences, such as tourism activities, classes, and events. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges that small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Course Workshop - Summary
Audiences Workshop – Video
Ads Workshop – Video
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Decoding the Facebook Ads Algorithm
What We Know
How Separate Ad Audiences Can Overlap – Video
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How to Define Facebook Ad Target Audiences
How Large Should Your Audience Be?
Steps to Save a New Audience
Audience Naming Formula
Two Core Customer Groups
Knowing When to Tweak or Change an Audience – Workshop
Existing Customer Audience Settings
Video Instructions – Create an "Everyone Engaged 365 - Locals" Audience
Potential New Customer Audience Settings
Population Density Differences – Workshop
Derivative Audience Settings
Steps To Use a Saved Audience to Create an Ad
Facebook Audience SOS Boot Camp – Summary
Facebook Audience SOS Boot Camp – Video
​Quick Instructions
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How to Target an Email List as an Audience
1. Optimize Your List
2. Import Your List as a Facebook Custom Audience
3. Filter Out People Who Already Like Your Page
Results Analysis
Quick Instructions
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Facebook Post Ads Settings
Special Treatment for Fake News & Political Ads
Structure of Facebook Ads
1. CAMPAIGN Settings
2. AD SET Settings
3. AD Settings
4. Duplicate 2nd Ad Set
Duplicate Future New Ad Sets & Campaigns
​Results Analysis
Quick Instructions
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Monitor Your Ad Frequency
Video Instructions – Workshop
Video Instructions – Check for Past Overdelivery
Detailed Instructions
Results Anlaysis
Quick Instructions
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Facebook Post Ads Checklist Workshop
Video Instructions
Facebook Post Ad Checklist – Workshop on Ads
Course Comprehension Quiz
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Interested in this course? Email us at Support@WiseTrainingOwl.com