Grand Re-Opening Marketing Guide (Paint & Sip)

Grand Re-Opening Marketing Guide (Paint & Sip)

Strategy and task list | taught by Danielle Glick

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Course description

Get 365 days of access to our grand re-opening/ relocation plan that was based on our original tried-and-tested grand opening plan, then further refined after one of our members moved their store location and re-opened. This guide contains an editable master task list of everything you need to do with your marketing and public relations at specific times before and after your grand re-opening date. 

Includes handy templates you can copy, paste, and customize for:

  • Filling in your online profiles
  • Press release announcement
  • Photoshop file to customize a social media image for your grand opening announcement 
  • Social Media Usage Guidelines to train your staff

The guide starts 3 months before your grand opening and ends 3 months afterwards, spanning a total of 6 months. After this grand re-opening phase, you should start using the strategies detailed in our other courses. We only recommend this guide to those who have a lot of extra hours to execute these tasks in the 3 months before opening their new business. If you are the one and only person doing every task necessary to reopen your business in a new location, then you may not have enough time to fully utilize this guide.

Unlike most of our courses, this guide does not contain the steps on how to do any of its tasks. Instead, it references many how-to steps, text templates, and image ideas that already exist in our other training courses. As such, this guide cannot be purchased until you have first subscribed to the Full-Site Monthly Subscription (Paint & Sip), so that you'll have access to all the courses it references. While the Full Site Subscription is a monthly cost, this 6-month Grand Re-Opening Guide is only a one-time cost of $300 for 365 days of access.

Danielle Glick
Danielle Glick
Our Founder & Chief Trainer

Eight years of testing social media marketing, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business selling experiences, such as tourism activities, classes, and events. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges that small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

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Grand Re-Opening Marketing Guide
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