Blog Ideas (Paint & Sip)

Blog Ideas (Paint & Sip)

Schedule of blog text ideas you can copy and customize | taught by Danielle Glick

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Course description

Business Goal: Save time from writing your own blogs from scratch.

What: Get a new blog published super quick and easy by copying, pasting, and customizing the suggested text ideas.

Why: To save time and make sure your topic is relevant to the current season.

Total Costs: Just a few minutes for a staff member to read the suggested options, then cut and paste it into a new blog.

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Danielle Glick
Danielle Glick
Our Founder & Chief Trainer

Eight years of testing social media marketing, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business selling experiences, such as tourism activities, classes, and events. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges that small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

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Blog Text Ideas
01-02: Fun New Year’s Resolution Idea
01-24: Fun Date Night Idea
02-15: Best Team Building Activity
03-01: Fun Family Staycation Ideas
03-15: Spring Flowers
04-02: Bachelorette Party Ideas
04-14: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
04-28: Mother’s Day Activity Ideas
05-15: Summer Kids Camps
06-01: Family Reunion Activity Idea
07-01: Fun Things to Do This Summer
07-15: Teacher Team Building Events
08-01: End of Summer Family Fun
08-15: Youth Group Activity Idea
09-04: Fun Moms' Night Out Idea
09-15: New Fall & Halloween Art!
10-01: Company Holiday Party Idea
11-01: Holiday Paintings Are Here!
11-15: Holiday Party Idea for Adults
12-01: Unique Gift Ideas
12-15: Fun Things to Do with Kids During the Holidays
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