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DGdesign LLC

DGdesign, LLC is an online advertising company founded by Danielle Glick (see profile below) in June 2010. It originated as a full-service social media marketing company before expanding to all areas of marketing, and then into marketing training in November 2014. Our training services were rebranded as "Wise Training Owl" with the launch of WiseTrainingOwl.com in September 2016.

Our Internet marketing experience includes everything small businesses need to generate sales, including social media marketing, online advertising, email marketing, online reputation management, public relations (PR), search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, website design, and graphic design.

Our goal is to make you as successful as possible. We accomplish this by training you on how to create an effective marketing strategy, engaging content, a response plan, and how to interpret your results. We work remotely from a virtual office and conduct all meetings and calls online, so we can help you no matter where you are located.

Danielle Glick

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Seven years of testing social media features, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business, particularly those selling reservations, tickets, products, or collecting new customer requests online. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges that small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

Danielle Glick is the Internet Marketing Director and President of DGdesign. She designed her first website in 1996 and has been educating herself on all aspects of digital, social, and Internet marketing ever since. As a self-motivated, analytical, yet creative thinker, her collective work experiences have given her the skills to strategize, design, execute, and measure Internet marketing campaigns that engage users and meet business goals.

Danielle graduated the University of Cincinnati in 2006 with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Digital Design, cum laude. Through college classes and co-op jobs, she learned user-friendly interface design patterns, principles of graphic design, and how to create all forms of digital multimedia, including: photography, video production, 3D modeling, animation, game design, and creative copywriting.

Before social media marketing existed, Danielle spent the first four years of her post-collegiate career as a User Experience Designer (UXD) or Information Architect (IA) at large corporations and ad agencies. The UXD philosophy that “all content must make sense to the target audience” still permeates her work today.

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Danielle as “Dallas Foodie”

Danielle is perhaps most famously known as “Dallas Foodie”, one of the top influential, independent social media food journalists, or “food bloggers”, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. From 2009 to 2016, her Dallas Foodie experiences and network connections gave her firsthand knowledge of how best to market restaurants, bars, wineries, and food events to new and existing customers; and how to influence other food bloggers and food critics. If you own a food or drink-related business, Danielle is THE person you need to hire for your marketing. Read more about how Dallas Foodie influences over 57,000 people with every post.

Marketing Speaker & Guest Author

Danielle Glick enjoys teaching people about social media marketing at conferences, corporate events, training workshops, and guest blogging. Her speaking experiences include a national audience at PubCon, business associations, and local Meetup groups. Slides from Danielle’s past speaking engagements can be viewed on Slideshare.net/DGdesign.

2013 Attendee Feedback:

“One of the absolute best presentations we’ve had since our inception in March 2009. The information was practical, relevant, engaging and left me feeling very motivated and excited about implementing all or most of the [ideas] that Danielle Glick shared…”. – Stephanie I., Founder and Event Organizer of DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup
“Great, well thought out presentation. Several a-ha moments popped into my head.” – Lance P.
“Practical, concise, interesting, useful, well thought out plan, very well done.” – Gwen D.
“Great presentation. I can use several of these tactics right away. If you missed this one, you missed one of the best.” – Mitch
“Ms. Glick was inspiring and very creative in the use of Internet Marketing.” – Taama F.
“Great presentation!! Well worth the time!!” – Victoria W.
“She was funny, engaging, and informative…perfect!” – Tony C.

Danielle’s previous speaking engagements with links to all attendees’ reviews and comments can be found at the following event links:

If you are interested in having Danielle speak at your event, please contact her at Danielle @ DGdesign .biz (without the spaces).