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What's Included?

Profitable Knowledge

  • Over 30 online courses based on real SMB experience
  • Monthly marketing to-do lists with dates
  • Annual marketing calendar based on holidays and seasons
  • Specific ad settings that work for SMBs
  • Live online webinars every month
  • New training added every month

Lots of Support

  • Real human support available almost 24/7/365, including most evenings, weekends, and holidays at no charge
  • Contact us via live chat, live webinars, or email
  • Get answers from an expert with 8 years experience
  • Learn from our community of small businesses
  • Stay informed via email with weekly tips and relevant industry news

Easy for Anyone to Use

  • Learning Modules get you started on the path to results
  • Technical terms explained in plain English
  • Detailed steps for beginners
  • Quick instructions for advanced users
  • Videos show exactly what steps look like
  • Learn at your own pace with unlimited course access and video speed controls

Will It Work for Me?

Our training works BEST for:

  • People with and without marketing experience.
  • Non tech savvy and tech savvy people.
  • Detail-oriented people who can achieve anything that comes with instructions.
  • Self-motivated people who like to finish things they start.
  • People who are determined to succeed.

Our training is NOT good for:

  • Skim-readers. Skipping steps leads to below average results, which isn't what we want for you.
  • People looking for overnight success or instant fixes, which don't truly exist.
  • Businesses considering closure or bankruptcy. Your best bet is probably a custom solution.
  • New businesses that opened less than 3 months ago. Ask about our Grand Opening Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this require? We recommend investing at least 20-30 hours to get started and at least 1 hour per week thereafter. Think of this subscription like a gym membership— if you don't invest the time to actually get results, then you won't get results. If success was easy, everyone would have it!

Do I have to subscribe for a minimum number of months? Nope! It's a month-to-month subscription because the people who use our training love it so much, they've been members for years. We don't need contracts to force anyone to stay.

Will I get to keep every course for forever? When you subscribe, you'll get instant, unlimited access to all our small business courses— whether published now or in the future— for as long as you keep making monthly payments. Subscription payments automatically process once a month to extend your access for another 30 days, so you can maintain continuous access.

See more FAQ and our Subscription Terms of Service.

Full-Site (Bundle) includes these courses

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Facebook: Business Setup Guide – Master Class
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Facebook: Ads – Master Class
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Email Marketing: Strategies for Small Businesses
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Email Marketing: Mailchimp for Small Businesses – Master Class
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How to Track Results for Any Link You Use – Master Class
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