Full-Site Monthly Subscription (Paint & Sip)

Full-Site Monthly Subscription (Paint & Sip)

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Infinite Marketing Ideas

  • 40+ courses based on research and real experience
  • Strategies you can customize
  • Specific settings to use
  • New training added every month
  • Email updates about new training, weekly tips, and relevant industry news

Lots of Support

  • Get answers from an expert with 8 years of SMB marketing experience
  • Support available almost 24/7/365, including most evenings, weekends, and holidays
  • Ask via live chat, live webinars, and email
  • Learn from other members' experiences

Easy for Anyone to Use

  • Technical terms explained in plain English
  • Detailed steps for beginners
  • Quick instructions for advanced users
  • Videos show exactly what each step looks like
  • Learn at your own pace; pause or rewatch steps on video

Will It Work for Me?

Our founder spent her early career working for big companies with big budgets, reading the best-selling marketing books, and attending events with world-renowned marketing speakers. When she switched to small business clients, she found these best practices were either not applicable, not possible, or not affordable for small businesses. Thus, she started doing her own testing until she figured out what actually works for small businesses, especially those that sell in-person experiences online, such as paint and sip classes.

Wise Training Owl works BEST for:

  • People with or without marketing experience.
  • Non-techie and tech-savvy people.
  • Self-motivated people who are good at following detailed instructions.
  • People who want to follow an efficient, proven plan at their own pace.
  • Smart people who understand better marketing means more sales.

Wise Training Owl is NOT good for:

  • Skim-readers. People who skip steps tend to get below average results.
  • People who want an instant fix. It took us years to develop and document these strategies. While it won't take you years to learn, it will take weeks or months.
  • Businesses already considering closure. Changing only your marketing probably will not save you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this require? We recommend you budget at least 20-30 hours to get started and at least 1 hour per week thereafter. Think of this subscription like a gym membership— if you don't invest the time to actually get results, then you won't get results. If success was easy, everyone would have it!

Do I have to subscribe for a minimum number of months? Nope! It's a month-to-month subscription because the people who use our training love it so much they've been members for years. We don't need to force anyone to stay. We are constantly publishing new training every month, so there's always valuable new things to learn!

Will I get to keep every course for forever? When you subscribe, you'll get instant, unlimited access to all existing and future general business courses and exclusive paint and sip courses— as long as you keep your subscription active by making monthly payments. Subscriptions automatically renew every month for the upcoming month, so you can maintain continuous access.

How much experience do you have with paint and sip marketing? A lot! We've been continuously doing paint and sip marketing since 2010. Please review our timeline of experience and testimonials for a complete history of our experience.

Can any paint & sip business subscribe? No, only Painting with a Twist franchises are eligible to buy.

See more FAQ and our Subscription Terms of Service.

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