Working from Home Effectively

Working from Home Effectively

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Tips on how to work from home with Zoom, Dropbox, & Google Drive.

This is not just another "how to work from home" tips article you can get for free on any business news site. 

This online course contains all the detailed things people who are new to working from home and attending Zoom webinars probably haven't encountered or even thought about yet. It's all the equipment, apps, settings, and practical things you would normally only learn by working from home full-time and using Zoom for years. (See topics below.)

This course will save you from the pitfalls work-from-home veterans have already experienced:

  • Embarrassing mistakes people make in Zoom webinars.
  • Wasting time figuring out things others have already figured out.
  • Lost productivity from distractions. 
  • Pain and medical costs of physically doing it wrong.

The author, Danielle Glick, is uniquely qualified to write this course because she has been working from home online full-time for ten years, and she didn't just work from the same home the entire time. She spent three years as a digital nomad working from "home" and using Zoom in over 100 lodgings in 36 countries around the world. Almost none of those 100+ rooms were setup to be a home office— probably like your home once was— but she overcame the various challenges and now shares her solutions with you.

This course is also based on dozens of submissions from people all over the world who sent us photos of their home office space, tips they had figured out, and requests for what they expected to see in this course.

We hope you'll agree its definitely worth a few dollars to save yourself all the time, embarrassment, pain, and expenses others already gone through! 

Planned Topics to Add

We plan to add more courses to this collection, such as: home office ergonomics, lighting, audio, video, backdrops, environmental factors, distractions, schedules, mealtimes, work-life balance, motivation, procrastination, and more.

As we add courses, the price of this collection will go up. However, existing subscribers will receive the extra courses at no additional cost as our thank you for being an early supporter!

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