Working from Home Effectively – Online Course

Course Description

This is not just another "how to work from home" tips article you can get for free on any business news site. 

This online course contains all the detailed things people who are new to working from home probably haven't encountered or even thought about yet. It's all the equipment, settings, and practical things you would normally only learn by working from home full-time for years. (See topics below.)

This course will save you from the pitfalls work-from-home veterans have already experienced:

  • Embarrassing mistakes people make in webinars.
  • Wasting time figuring out things others have already figured out.
  • Lost productivity from distractions. 
  • Pain and medical costs of physically doing it wrong.

The author, Danielle Glick, is uniquely qualified to write this course because she has been working from home online full-time for ten years, and she didn't just work from the same home the entire time. She spent three years as a digital nomad working from "home" in over 100 lodgings in 36 countries around the world. Almost none of those 100+ rooms were setup to be a home office— probably like your home once was— but she overcame the various challenges and now shares those solutions with you.

This course is also based on dozens of submissions from people all over the world who sent us photos of their home office space, tips they had figured out, and requests of what they expected to see in this course.

We hope you'll agree it's worth a few dollars to save yourself the time, embarrassment, pain, and expenses we've already gone through!

Early Bird Discounts!

We have a LOT of topics planned for this course (*see below), but we want to know if there's a demand for it before we spend hours and hours writing it. So we're publishing this course in 3 phases:

Free Trial Phase: HAPPENING NOW

We are currently offering this course FREE for 14 days to the first 10 people who enroll!

While we are in this Free Trial Phase, this course only contains 1 chapter with all our recommended settings for the Zoom Meeting app. Zoom has 58 screens of settings hidden in 5 different places, so we're giving you the steps to find them and screenshots of our recommended settings to copy. This is a HUGE time saver if you've never setup Zoom before!

After we get 10 free signups, we'll start adding extra content to this course. Anything that gets added during your 14 day free trial will be visible to you for free! So the faster we get 10 signups, the more free content you'll get to see in your 14 days. Share this page early and often!

$5 Early Supporter Phase

After we get 10 people signed up for free, we'll start adding extra topics and only charge $5 for the next 30 people who signup. 

These $5 early supporters will get 30 days of access. Just like in the Free Phase, as soon as we get thirty $5 signups we'll start adding extra content, and anything that gets added during your 30 days will be included at no extra cost!

$10 Full Course Phase

After we get 30 people signed up for $5, we'll turn this into a full course with every topic we have in mind, at which point it will cost the full price: $10 for 90 days of access.

*Planned Topics to Add

People who signup early will get to vote on which topics are added next! 

In no particular order, we plan to cover: Zoom prep checklists for hosts and attendees, home office ergonomics, lighting, audio, video, backdrops, environmental factors, distractions, schedules, mealtimes, work-life balance, motivation, procrastination, and more.

Course Curriculum

How to Setup Zoom
Website: Personal Profile
Website: Account Settings – Meeting
Website: Account Settings – Recording
Website: Account Settings – Telephone
Website: Personal Settings – Meeting
Website: Personal Settings – Recording
Website: Personal Settings – Telephone
Desktop App: "Settings" Window
Desktop App: Personal Meeting ID Settings
Desktop App: In-Meeting Settings
Mobile App: Meeting Settings
Mobile App: Chat Settings
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Danielle Glick
Danielle Glick
Our Founder & Chief Trainer

Eight years of testing social media marketing, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business, especially those in the tourism activities, classes, and experiences industry. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Danielle was one of the first people in the world to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate. With this certification, you can trust Danielle understands how Facebook works and has incorporated their most profitable features into our training, so you won't need to take the Facebook Blueprint courses, too.