Best Tools for Business Efficiency – Online Course

Course description

Make your personal and work life more efficient and productive with these effective time management strategies. 

Learn how to:

  • use Google Calendars 
  • use Apple Calendars
  • manage work and personal tasks for yourself and staff
  • create a schedule for yourself and staff

We've been using most of these apps and techniques for years and consider them essential to the efficient operations of any small business. We've learned the hard way, so now you can learn from us and enjoy the results.

Course Curriculum

Calendars: Finding Time to Do It All
Video Instructions – Workshop
Detailed Instructions
Create a Schedule
Usage Strategy
Quick Instructions
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Danielle Glick
Danielle Glick
Our Founder & Chief Trainer

Eight years of testing social media marketing, creating ads, writing email newsletters, and analyzing sales has taught Danielle the marketing techniques that work to increase sales for any small business, especially those in the tourism activities, classes, and experiences industry. Working with both first-time small business owners and experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. has exposed Danielle to the wide variety of marketing challenges small business owners face. Danielle now shares her proven marketing strategies with those who are ready to learn how to replicate others' success for themselves.

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Danielle was one of the first people in the world to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate. With this certification, you can trust Danielle understands how Facebook works and has incorporated their most profitable features into our training, so you won't need to take the Facebook Blueprint courses, too.