Email Marketing: Mailchimp for Small Businesses – Master Class – Online Course

Send Emails That Generate Sales

Mailchimp offers an overwhelming amount of marketing features, so this online course focuses on how to use their most profitable email marketing options for small businesses in 2020.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Save yourself from the biggest money-losing mistakes most Mailchimp users don't even realize are happening to them:

  • Paying for subscribers who never open your emails.
  • Loosing sales from email templates that don't incorporate best practices.
  • Being charged multiple times for the same subscribers.
  • Sending thousands of automated emails to the wrong contacts.
  • Wasting time trying to figure everything out on your own.

Go from Mailchimp Beginner to Advanced

You'll learn how to:

  • Compare Mailchimp to Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign to determine if it is right for you. If you need to switch, we'll walk you through the process.
  • Create and set up your Mailchimp account with all the best features turned on, including the Google Analytics integration. 
  • Create and import a mailing list audience.
  • Create and install a custom email signup form on your website and Facebook Page.
  • Install and customize our most profitable email template designs proven to increase sales for small businesses.
  • Create individual email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and email blasts with all the most profitable settings turned on, including A/B testing.
  • Send automated welcome emails and other automatic emails that generate sales.

Results That Pay for Themselves

You will probably see Mailchimp sales in your Google Analytics within days of sending your first email, so this course could more than pay for itself that quickly. But our members often find their email newsletters are like sales machines that generate income for several months after sending.

Automated emails are an even better sales-generating machine because they create an automatic, never-ending stream of sales you might not have otherwise had. 

In your first year of implementing this course, your emails should earn anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in sales— depending on your products' price point.

This online course is one of the biggest, ongoing money-makers for our members, but we don't charge $1,000 for it. We don't even charge $500 for it. We let you decide how much it costs by offering it as a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription and letting you decide how many months you want to keep it. We even offer a Free Preview, so you can verify this course covers your needs.

Full Course Outline

Mailchimp Compared to Other Email Platforms
Welcome to our Mailchimp Master Class! FREE PREVIEW
Constant Contact Compared to Mailchimp
What It's Like to Switch from Constant Contact to Mailchimp – Video Testimonial
ActiveCampaign Compared to Mailchimp
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How to Create & Set Up a Mailchimp Account
Video Instructions
1. Create & Optimize Your Mailchimp Account
2. Create One Audience
What to Do If You Accidentally Created Multiple Audiences
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How to Switch from Constant Contact to Mailchimp
1. Download Constant Contact Reports
2. Export Your Constant Contact Lists
3. Clean Your Constant Contact List
4. Import Your Constant Contact Lists
5. Recreate Your Signup Forms
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How to Create & Install a Custom Email Signup Form
Detailed Instructions
Translate It
Design It
Build It
Add Your Signup Form to Your Facebook Page
Put Your Signup Link in Any Text or Social Media Post
Results Analysis
Quick Instructions
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How to Create an Individual Email Campaign
Video Instructions
1. Archive Inactive Subscribers
1.1. Archive Inactive Subscribers – Video Instructions
2. Fix Bounced Email Address Typos
2.1. Fix Bounced Email Address Typos – Video Instructions
3. Set Up the Email
4. Write the Email
5. Preview, Test, & Send
Results Analysis
Quick Instructions
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How to Create Automated Emails for Birthdays & Anniversaries
Customize Your Templates — Video Instructions
Customize Your "Anniversary" Template
Customize Your "Birthday" Template
Customize Your "Date Collection 1" Template
Customize Your "Date Collection 2, 3, 4" Template
Automation Email Setup – Video Instructions
1. Anniversary Automation Instructions
2. Birthday Automation Instructions
3. Date Collection Automation Instructions
4. Steps to Make This Work for Future Subscribers
How to Swap Design Templates in an Existing Automation
Results Analysis
Quick Instructions
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Course Comprehension Quiz
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Learn from an Expert

You'll learn all of this from our Mailchimp expert, Danielle Glick. She is uniquely qualified to teach you how to use Mailchimp because she has been creating Mailchimp accounts, signup forms, templates, automations, and email campaigns for all of her small business clients since 2013 and has been training others how to use Mailchimp for themselves since 2016.

Danielle has analyzed the statistical reporting in Mailchimp and Google Analytics every month for all those years, so she has seen what does and doesn't work to increase open rates, clicks, and sales. In this course, she distills all those years of experience down into the most profitable strategies and shows you how to implement them for yourself in clear, step-by-step instructions.

What You'll Get

When you buy this course, you'll get instant access to start learning. You can jump to specific topics or click through each page in sequence. This is not a quick how-to course with generalized descriptions of what to do. We provide very specific, detailed steps for each click, so even a total beginner can follow along. We also provide quick instructions for more advanced users and easy reference after you've completed the full course. See the full Course Outline, below.

Our courses are sold in monthly subscriptions, so you can keep them for as long as you want with no contract or minimum number of months required. Each purchase gives you unlimited access for 30 days. When you no longer need this course, you may cancel at any time with 1 click, no tricks.

If you aren't sure this course is the right fit for you, try our Free Preview— no credit card info is even asked!

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