Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Money Questions

How does this subscription more than pay for itself?

It's easy math: the small businesses who use our Facebook Post Ad strategies can see their Ads are generating multiple times the cost of our subscription every month. It’s a fantastic return on investment!

If our training didn’t truly work, then we’d be out of business by now. But our parent company has been in business since June 2010, and Wise Training Owl has been growing since it launched in November 2014. We're confident our training will work for your business, too!

What if my subscription is not more than paying for itself?

Then we will help you fix it ASAP! If your subscription is not more than paying for itself after you implement the training outlined in our “Start Here” course, then all you have to do is contact our Support team. We will give you a free, one-on-one consulting session to evaluate your implementation and get you on track towards positive profit margins. We usually find our strategy wasn’t being implemented 100%, and that makes all the difference. We’ll help you get there, though!

How do I know how much sales this might generate for my business?

Our success is dependent on your success, so we’ll show you how to run your Facebook Page and Ads to generate and measure your sales. Then you'll be able to see exactly how much you’re earning from our strategies.

What is your refund/ cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time in your “My Account” section of this site; however, as this is a digital information product, it cannot be returned. We cannot provide refunds for any reason, including refunds for days when you did not log in or for cancelling before the end of your already-paid subscription period.

People Questions

How do I know if your strategies will work for my business?

Years of in-depth testing. We have tested our strategies on multiple small businesses and independently owned franchises in multiple locations across the United States over several years. We compared the results data to determine which strategies consistently performed well for every small business. Of course we could never test every kind of business, but the businesses we tested had these factors in common:

  • Their website can process online sales, reservations, appointments, or new customer requests.
  • They have a set amount of physical space that needs to be filled with customers on a recurring basis, such as: tours, classes (ex. fitness, dance, art, music, cooking, education), restaurant tables, movie theaters, and performance/ concert venues.
  • They're small businesses or independently owned franchises, including scenarios where one person owns multiple locations or multiple owners advertise in the same city but can't overlap their target areas.
  • Primary target customers match Facebook’s primary demographic of males and females, age 25-55, living in a country where most people use Facebook every day.
  • Price point of $25 or more per sale.

If your business doesn’t fit this description, our training might still work for you; we just haven’t tested it with other types of businesses yet.

Who is Wise Training Owl good for?

Our training is designed for:

  • People with or without marketing experience. If you can follow written and video instructions, then you can learn how to do your own effective marketing!
  • Non-techie or tech-savvy people. If you aren’t good with computers or social media, our “Detailed Instructions” will guide you through every click. Or if you’re already familiar with technology, follow our “Quick Instructions” pages.
  • People who are tired of wasting money on marketing. You've tried all kinds of marketing, but nothing seems to work. You are ready to try proven strategies and get trackable results.
  • Busy people. You’ve got a small business to run, so you need an efficient marketing plan that doesn’t require daily effort.
  • Businesses that have been open for at least six months.

Who is Wise Training Owl NOT good for?

If our above answers do not sound like you, that doesn’t mean your business can’t still benefit from our training. It just might mean you need to hire a more suitable person to take our training for you. Their hourly rate should still more than pay for itself in the work they produce from our training. See below for a question on what to look for when hiring someone to take our training for you.

Our training is not ideal for:

  • People who want an instant fix. You can’t really become good at anything overnight. You'll have to put in the time to learn and apply what you learn.
  • People who aren’t self-motivated learners. We will guide you on which courses to take first, second, and so on, but you have to be motivated enough to actually do it.
  • People who aren’t detail-oriented. Many marketing processes need to be done in a specific order with specific settings. If you tend to skip over details, then you probably won’t get the best results.
  • Businesses open for less than six months. These early days are full of big opportunities that only ever occur during the few months before and after your grand opening. To help you take full advantage of this special time, we sell a separate Grand Opening Strategy course.

Do I need marketing or social media experience?

Not at all! If you can follow written and video instructions, then you can learn how to do your own effective marketing. Most of our members said they did not consider themselves to be “good with social media” or “tech-savvy”, but they are doing a great job now. We have even trained people who had never used Facebook, not even for personal use! However, it helps to have an understanding of basic computer functions, such as: how to save and open files from your hard drive, and how to copy and paste text.

I want to hire someone to take your training for me. What skills should I look for?

Someone with the time and desire to learn. We do not recommend paying thousands of dollars to hire a marketing consultant or ad agency. If your trainee follows our strategies correctly, then their efforts will earn more than enough money to pay for their wages. You could start this person part-time, then increase their hours as their efforts increase sales. Let's say you pay them $20 per hour and they're working our recommended 24 hours per month on marketing and new training. That's only a $480 monthly wage for work that should bring in thousands in monthly net profits!

We recommend hiring one of these types of people:

  1. An existing employee who would really appreciate the chance to add new marketing skills to their resume.
  2. A recent college graduate, preferably with a degree in marketing, business, communications, or education.
  3. is full of low-cost, remote contractors who can work however many hours you'd like on any kind of task. Upwork is the world's leading freelancer website; we've used it to hire several people.

Look for someone who meets our above descriptions (self-motivated and detail-oriented) and has very good grammar and writing skills. Ask for writing samples before interviewing candidates. If they send you writing samples with mistakes, then you can be fairly certain the text they would publish for your business would also contain mistakes.

Can you help me with _____ for my business?

Support is included if your question is about our training or a topic that may benefit other members. Requests for advice or support for issues pertaining only to your individual business are not included.

Time Questions

How much time will your training take?

In just a few weeks, you can learn the strategies that took us five years to develop. We know what works for small businesses, and we can’t wait to help you save all the time and money we spent figuring it out!

We suggest allocating at least 5 hours per week (20 hours per month) in your first month or so to complete our most profitable courses. Then in subsequent months, budget an average of 1 hour per week to keep up with our new training and news. Our training is self-paced, so you can take your time. Some courses are short and some are long, so the time to completion varies per course. We are also constantly adding new training every month, so the amount of time it takes to complete our entire site is ever-increasing.

Our training is like a university course in small business marketing— you'll have a textbook (our site), in-person lectures (online webinars), and a professor to guide you (our trainers). We recommend giving our site the time and attention you would give to a university course.

I'm not sure I have time to take training. Can I just hire you to do things for me?

We understand most small business owners don't have time to do everything themselves. It’s awesome to recognize where your strengths and limits are, and hire someone else to do the rest. Our training is designed for people who have no prior experience, so it would be an expensive waste to hire a marketing professional to do what someone with no experience could learn to do for you. Many of our members have assistants who have taken our training and are doing a great job implementing it.

How long does the subscription last?

Monthly subscriptions are an automatic recurring subscription until you cancel it. Each credit card payment enrolls you for 30 days of access to everything we offer.

Annual subscriptions are not automatically recurring. From the date you pay, you will have one year of access to everything we offer. To renew, you would need to manually process another monthly or annual payment.

Is there a long-term contract?

Nope! We are confident you’re going to love our subscription so much that we don't need to lock you into a long-term contract.

Training Content Questions

Can I download the course material?

No. Everything we teach is proprietary and confidential information that cannot be downloaded, copied, or shared elsewhere. Think of this site like the restricted section of a library. Your subscription is an exclusive key to read the restricted section as often as you want, without taking its information elsewhere. It is a violation of our Terms of Service if you do.

How does your training compare to Facebook’s Blueprint training?

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

We were one of the first businesses to take Facebook’s free training before they officially launched it to the public. Our Facebook trainer realized we already knew more than their training scripts were designed to cover, so he scrapped their script and just answered our questions about how Facebook algorithms and data sourcing works. This personalized training program evolved into the "Facebook Blueprint" courses, which is still written primarily for beginners. It gives people an explanation of what Facebook’s tools can do, but it can’t provide strategies or recommend settings because their training has to cater to all kinds of businesses all over the world. This is why small businesses come to us.

In 2019, our Founder and Chief Trainer, Danielle Glick, was one of the first people in the world to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate as part of Facebook's pilot program. People who pass this exam can identify the different platforms that make up Facebook's family of products (including Instagram), establish a business presence on them, understand advertising fundamentals, communicate the value proposition of ad features, and read reporting analytics. Danielle has incorporated their most profitable features into our training, so you don't have to take the Facebook Blueprint courses, too.