How a Small Business Doubled & Tripled Its Marketing Profits


The owner of a small paint and sip business was struggling to find time to do regular marketing promotions and was spending money on all kinds of advertising ideas without knowing if any of it was working.

She was able to stop wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective ads and establish an ongoing marketing plan that doubled their Facebook marketing net profits and tripled their email marketing net profits, resulting in over $14,000 of profit! All she did was buy Wise Training Owl's Full-Site Monthly Subscription, then assigned her assistant manager to complete their Learning Modules and apply what she learned.

Multifaceted Results

Within 6 months of fully implementing Wise Training Owl's strategies, this business saw a noticeable increase in their Facebook Ad and email marketing net profits compared to the same period in the previous year:

  • Facebook Ad net revenue nearly doubled, from $5,556 to $10,566, with only a $525 increase in Ad spending.
  • Email marketing net revenue more than tripled, from $1,151 to $3,861.

That's net revenue, after deducting Facebook Ad and email subscription expenses. These combined results generated a total marketing net profit of $14,427!

In addition to these sales benefits, assigning a staff member to learn how to do effective marketing has freed up the owner's time, so she can take care of other parts of the business that she can't assign to someone else. The owner also feels less stressed because she knows their marketing is being taken care of and is working well because the assistant manager learned how to measure the results and put them into a report for her.

The assistant manager is thankful to have been given this opportunity to add valuable new marketing skills to her resume. She reports feeling a greater sense of pride in her work because she can see the direct impact her efforts are having on their sales. An unexpected side benefit of reading the responses to her Facebook Posts and emails is that she's been able to better identify customers' needs and trends, so the business can offer more of what their customers really want.

The results have been a win-win for everyone in both personal and professional growth!

Common Problems

This small business owner was constantly struggling to find time to do marketing and figure out how to tell if any of it was actually making money. She knew ongoing marketing is essential to any successful business, so she figured it was better do some marketing rather than none!

Whenever she found a few spare minutes— often right before going to sleep— she'd publish Facebook Posts and use the "Boost Post" button to create paid ads. She didn't know what content or settings might be most profitable, so most of her Posts only got a handful of reactions and comments. She had heard a Facebook Pixel could tell her how many sales her Ads were getting, but she didn't know where to get those numbers or how to interpret them. (Luckily her web developer had installed the Pixel, so the data was there for us to analyze.)

Whenever she could find a spare hour or two— usually only once a month— she'd write a marketing email newsletter. Without an annual marketing content calendar, the timing and content of those emails didn't take full advantage of upcoming holiday sales opportunities. Her email open and click rates were low to average because she never looked at the reports to study how different words and email template designs affected results.

Salespeople from Yelp, local newspapers, sports teams, and other places occasionally pitched her their ad offers. She would often give them a try, just to see if she noticed a difference. Several of them had set her up on automatic payments or long-term contracts, which caused her to spend thousands of dollars every year on promotions with no analysis or statistics about whether they were at least paying for themselves.

Easy Solutions

The owner decided to buy the proven marketing strategies that come with Wise Training Owl's Full-Site Monthly Subscription, then appointed her assistant manager to take their online courses and implement what she learned. The assistant manager had no prior marketing experience, but Wise Training Owl said most of their members didn't have experience, so that was perfectly fine. 

The subscription included an annual marketing calendar and monthly to do lists with ongoing and holiday marketing tasks all planned out, so it was easy for the assistant manager to know what needed to be worked on and when. She learned step-by-step how to create profitable Facebook Post Ads and marketing emails that get opened and clicked. She also learned how to find and analyze the results statistics, then prepare a monthly report to review with the owner. By the end of the first month, it was easy to see how her efforts and training costs were more than paying for themselves. 

Wise Training Owl's first Learning Module provided strategies and calculations that helped the manager evaluate all the other ad sales packages they were still paying for. She was able to determine almost all of them weren't generating any direct sales, and the few that did weren't generating enough to pay for themselves. Cutting out these useless ad expenses allowed them to save a few hundred dollars every month, which they could either keep or reinvest into their profitable marketing channels.


Whether you want to learn how to improve your own marketing or hire/ assign someone else to do it for you, Wise Training Owl's proven strategies and online courses should help you increase your sales, as they did for this and many other small businesses.