Our Subscription Terms of Service are designed to assist you in understanding how our recurring subscription plans work, what is and isn’t included, and special terms for sharing your subscription. These Subscription Terms are in addition to our overall Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to modify these Subscription Terms of Service at any time. Changes will take effect immediately upon publishing to http://www.WiseTrainingOwl.com ("our Site"). If we make significant changes to these terms, then we will notify everyone on this page and notify affected subscribers via the email registered to their account. Your use of a subscription after such changes constitutes your agreement to the changes.

These Subscription Terms of Service were wholly revised and became effective on June 20, 2020.

The company referenced in this document as “us,” “our,” and “we” refers to Wise Training Owl Limited.

1. What's Included in Full-Site Bundles

For each purchase of a "Full-Site Bundle" ("Bundle"), we will provide you, our "Member", with:

  • One account login with access to the products and services described on the purchased Bundle's overview page;
  • Course progress tracking for one person per account;
  • Member email updates sent to the one email address registered to the account;
  • Invitations for the one person registered to the account to join live sessions and ask one question per Q&A round; and
  • Support for the one person registered to the account via either the email address registered to the account or our website chat support.

1.2 What's Not Included in Full-Site Bundles

  • Implementation of our suggested strategies and steps;
  • Equipment required to access the Bundle, including but not limited to: mobile phone, tablet, or computer;
  • Suggested third party expenses, including but not limited to: Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, printing costs, email marketing service subscription fees, mobile app fees, and Internet service fees;
  • Strategies, advice, opinions, consulting, or answers to questions specific to one Member and not likely applicable to other Members;
  • One-on-one meetings; and
  • Answers to questions about topics not covered by your Bundle's content.

2. Sharing Your Subscription

Our account logins and subscriptions are designed for only one person to use. However, an account's courses may be shared by multiple people if you agree to act as if only one person is using your account. This approach allows us to provide equal benefits to each Member while allowing your team to access the content they each need. 

We recommend the registered person and email address on your account should be the primary person using the subscription, which may or may not be the business owner or person paying for it.

Multiple people sharing one account must agree to all of the following terms:

  • Share one account login and password;
  • Forgo the ability to track which course pages each individual has completed or to restart videos from where each individual last watched them;
  • Receive Member email updates to the one email address registered to the account;
  • Join our live webinars from one webinar account, with everyone in the same room on one camera and one microphone.
  • During live webinars only ask one question per Q&A round (not one question per person); 
  • Route all support questions through the one person whose name and email address is registered to the account. (Please do not email us from multiple addresses); and
  • Understand if your support requests exceed the normal volume for one Member, then we will ask you to either reduce the volume of questions or buy subscriptions for each person. The "normal volume" of support requests will be determined at our sole discretion.

If any of the above terms are not suitable for your sharing needs, then we recommend creating new accounts and purchasing the same subscription for each person who needs to use it.

3. Subscription Period

By clicking the "Purchase" button on any recurring subscription page on our Site, you agree to an automatic payment in the amount and frequency shown on the respective purchase page. Charges will appear on your financial statement as “WISE TRAINING OWL”.

Your subscription period shall begin upon each successful payment processing date and continue for the period stated on the item's purchase page (“Completion Date”). These Subscription Terms will automatically renew with each successful payment until either: (a). you cancel or (b.) your automatic payment fails— whichever occurs first.

You will not receive advance notice of the recurring charges, but a receipt will be sent to the email address registered to your account and will be viewable in your "My Account" Billing page of this Site.

4. Cancellation

To officially terminate any recurring subscription, you must cancel by pressing the respective button on your account's “Billing” page and waiting until your next Completion Date. Cancelling a subscription does not delete your account, does not terminate our overall Terms of Service, or invalidate our Privacy Policy; it only terminates these Subscription Terms.

5. Refunds

As this is a digital information product, it cannot be returned. We cannot provide refunds for any reason, including refunds for days when you did not log in or for cancelling before the end of your already-paid subscription period.